Who says you can't make six figures in slippers? The truth is, you don't have to play by society's rules. We're your hosts, Hollie Prescott and Chelsea Winstead. We've both built six figure digital companies before coming together to create HerHQ.

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Level Up

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Escape Corporate

Here, we share the success stories of courageous women who have stepped away from the corporate ladder to embrace entrepreneurship. Hosts Hollie and Chelsea guide you through the risks and rewards of this pivotal transition, from the initial leap to establishing a steady online presence.

Insider knowledge that can propel your online enterprise to new heights. Hollie Prescott and Chelsea Winstead share hard-earned insights from their journey of building six-figure digital empires.

Find Freedom

Learn how to balance life and work, create passive income streams, and invest in your well-being. With over 4000 women already embarking on this journey with us, Hollie and Chelsea are excited to help you navigate the path to a liberated and fulfilling lifestyle through the power of online business mastery.

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