We believe that 

 women deserve more. 

More money.
More freedom. 

More credit.
More choices.

why are we so passionate about this?

Hollie was a marketing manager at one of the worlds biggest advertising agency (McCann)  before she became a branding and website designer.

Hollie built her six figure freelancing business while traveling the world (over 40 countries and counting).

Now she has dedicated her time to creating content to support other women just like you with their dreams of pursuing freedom through freelancing.


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Behind the Instagram filter, the reality of being a digital nomad

with hollie

Living in Costa Rica, Columbia and now Bangkok. Hollie spills the beans on loosing power in Columbia, moving to the other side of the world on a whim. 

Hear Hollie's unfiltered thoughts on the HerHQ podcast...

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Should You Quit Your Job to Become A Social Media Manager?

with bianca

Cold Pitching Isn’t Dead: How Bianca Landed Corporate Clients like The Hilton Hotel, photographed Mark Wahlberg while making multiple 6 figures. How to Leverage Your Local Network.

Have you fallen for sunk cost fallacy?

with Hollie

Are you clinging to something simply because you've already invested so much in it, even though deep down, you know it's not making you happy? I dive into whats keeping you stuck and then I share tangible steps to move forward.

this episode is coming soon

Does freelancing involve work? Yes. But on YOUR terms.
You pick the work. You pick the clients. You pick the when. You pick the where. The point is - you have the CHOICE.

Freelancing allows you to monetize the skills that you have been developing for your ENTIRE LIFE - and package them into a service that supports business owners and gives you control + freedom.

We have created a framework for you to follow so that you can skip the mistakes and start your freelancing business with ease.

In a social media world full of false promises & wild expectations - HerHQ was founded to help women learn the TRUE way to make consistent, sustainable, and life-changing money from home.

HerHQ serves the rule not the exception. Every other way to make online think affiliate marketing, being a content creator, selling digital downloads on etsy, buying bitcoin etc requires you to learn so many few skills and the percentage of people who ever succeed in these areas is tiny. Less than 1% of the USA do these things and ever make more than $10k vs freelancing.